On the following pages is the information for archers who wish to try and achieve their outdoor classification scores which is a system based on achieving certain scores when shooting at Record Status shoots as well as Target days (for scores up to Bowmen).

Here are the classifications:

  • Grand Master Bowman (Not available to juniors)
  • Master Bowman
  • Junior Master Bowman
  • Bowman
  • Junior Bowman
  • 1st Class
  • 2nd Class
  • 3rd Class

It works as a great way to track your progress as well as having a target to drive your growth as an archer at any level. Once you have claimed your classification you will receive a badge and your title will remain for a year since it was gained.

As well as this archers fortunate to be classified as Master Bowman or Grandmaster Bowman are invited to shoot at the UK Masters National event.

Classification Links:

Gentleman Classifications         Ladies Classifications

Junior Gents Classifications      Junior Ladies Classifications